Jackfruit Skewers with Peanut Sauce

Feel like grilling, but prefer no meat or fish? Or do you have vegetarian guests? [...]

Grilled Green Asparagus with Gochujang

Asparagus Korean style! Here, gochujang is the base of the marinade. Gochujang is a chilli [...]

Grilled Green Asparagus in Lemon Pepper Oil

You can cook and stir-fry them, but grilling is of course much tastier. And if [...]

Grilled Peach with Burrata, Basil and Jalapeño

Peach is the perfect example of why fruit also goes well on the barbecue. Grilling [...]

Grilled pointed cabbage with mustard and sambal

Vegetables also do well on the barbecue. Pointed cabbage is a nice example for this. [...]

Salt Baked Celeriac

With celeriac you can vary a lot. For example, you can make fries or even [...]

Jacket Sweet Potato with Tomato Salsa

We already made a grilled avocado with tomato salsa, but that also combines well with [...]

Grilled oysters in a parsley marinade

To be fair it was our first-time preparing oysters on a barbecue. That’s why we [...]

Grilled Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback potatoes are an ideal side dish for meat, fish, chicken or whatever. Something different [...]

Grilled Avocado with a Tomato Salsa

If there’s one fruit that’s versatile, it’s the avocado. You can really go either way [...]