Veal ribs with a coffee barbecue sauce

A good alternative to pork spare ribs are veal spare ribs. In general, veal ribs [...]

Jackfruit Skewers with Peanut Sauce

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Romesco sauce

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Grilled Shrimps in Chili-Lemongrass sauce

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Grilled Green Asparagus in Lemon Pepper Oil

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Grilled Little Gem with Curry Oil

In the tasty and simple category. These grilled little gems are ready in no time [...]

Grilled Tomato Sambal

There are countless variations of sambal. For this sambal we grill the tomatoes and peppers [...]

Grilled oriental sea bream with tomato sambal

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Grilled Peach with Burrata, Basil and Jalapeño

Peach is the perfect example of why fruit also goes well on the barbecue. Grilling [...]

Grilled lobster

Always wanted to have a lobster party? This is your chance! We always get excited [...]