How to make pizza dough?

Before sharing the pizza dough recipe, we need to explain what kind of pizza we are going to make. In Italy there are two types: the Neapolitan and the Roman.

Books have been written about the differences, the most striking are the following: The Neapolitan pizza has a slight edge of a few centimetres and seems to be a bit more soft than the pizza from Rome.

The Neapolitan dough contains no olive oil and is formed by hand into a round pizza. Using a rolling pin is not allowed! The Neapolitan pizza is then baked very briefly in an oven at more than 450 degrees.

The Roman pizza, on the other hand, gets longer, which provides a crispier pizza that doesn’t immediately sag when you pick up a slice.

Pizzadeeg ingrediënten

What flour do you use for pizza dough?

Always use special flour for your pizza dough, the so-called type 0 or 00. This is available at the better supermarket. You can use fresh yeast, but dried yeast is fine as well and has a much longer shelf life and availability.

The recipe below is enough for about 5 Neapolitan pizza bases. These have a diameter of up to 25 centimetres.

How long should the dough rise?

Plan ahead if you want to bake Neapolitan pizzas. In total, the dough needs at least 8 hours to rise. Precisely by giving it that time, the most beautiful bottom with the best taste is created.

If you want to bake faster, you could use a little more dried yeast and let the dough rise at a slightly higher temperature. For a rising time of 4 hours you use 3 grams of yeast and for a rising time of 1 hour you use 7 grams of yeast.

Pizzadeeg kneden
Knead the dough

After the rising time is done, sprinkle the counter with some flour and flatten the ball of dough. Pick up the dough, pull the dough out with your fingers, turn the dough and keep stretching until you create a circle of about 25 cm in diameter with a slightly wider edge at the end.

Then you decorate it with pizza sauce and top it with the desired ingredients.

Which pizza do you choose?

Have a look at a selection of our other pizzas below:

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Make your own pizza dough

Here we explain exactly how you can easily make pizza dough yourself.
Prep time20 minutes
Rijstijd8 hours
Servings: 5 pizzas


For 8 hours of rising time

  • 5 dl tap water
  • 850 gr pizza flour type 0 or 00
  • 20 gr sea salt
  • 2.5 gr dried yeast

For 4 hours of rising time

  • 5 dl tap water
  • 850 gr pizza flour type 0 or 00
  • 20 gr sea salt
  • 3 gr dried yeast

For 1 hour of rising time

  • 5 dl tap water
  • 850 gr pizza flour type 0 or 00
  • 20 gr sea salt
  • 7 gr dried yeast


  • Put the water in a measuring cup and add the sea salt. Stir very well to dissolve the salt.
  • Create a circle of the flour on your counter and press with a bowl in the centre to create a volcano. Pour the water into the middle of the volcano and add some of the flour (from the volcano) to the water with one hand. Keep your other hand clean.
  • When about ⅓ of the flour has been mixed with the water, add the dried yeast.
  • Meanwhile, just mix it with the dough.

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