Lobster Bisque

A bisque is a hearty, thick “soup” based on crustaceans that probably takes its name [...]

Fondant Potatoes

A fondant potato is a classic dish that is very easy to make and you [...]

Lamb Chop with Honey-thyme Sauce and Ratatouille

In this recipe we cook the lamb chop in the oven. We serve it with [...]

Flemish Beef Stew with Dark Beer and Mushrooms

You can make stew from many parts of veined beef meat. However, it’s preferable to [...]

Hamachi Sashimi

We use hamachi or horse mackerel for our sashimi. We make a dish based on [...]

Stroganoff Sauce

Anyone who checks the history books will discover that the sauce itself is not a [...]

Oven baked tilapia with a herb crust

In this recipe we prepare the tilapia in the oven with a herb crust. We [...]

Oven-roasted picanha with cowboy butter and green asparagus

Picanha has become a hugely popular steak due to the popularity of barbecuing in recent [...]

Cod “en papillote” with fine vegetables and white beer

‘En papillote’ is a classic preparation in which vegetables, meat or fish are cooked in [...]

Pan-fried sole with romaine lettuce, fresh fries and remoulade sauce

Sole à la meunière with romaine lettuce, fresh fries and a fresh homemade remoulade sauce. [...]