Pan-Fried Hake Fillet with Braised leek, Samphire and Fondant Potatoes

Hake is a distant relative of cod and therefore an affordable alternative to the increasingly [...]

Oven-Baked Trout with an Almond Crust

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, this trout recipe is easy to [...]

Poached Skate Wing with a spicy Beurre Blanc, Stewed Spinach and Pommes Soufflées

Where we use fillets for almost every type of fish, it’s completely different with skate. [...]

Oven baked tilapia with a herb crust

In this recipe we prepare the tilapia in the oven with a herb crust. We [...]

Cod “en papillote” with fine vegetables and white beer

‘En papillote’ is a classic preparation in which vegetables, meat or fish are cooked in [...]

Herring salad with baby potatoes, beetroot and a poached egg

Herring is a type of small, oily fish belonging to the Clupeidae family. They are [...]

Pan-fried sole with romaine lettuce, fresh fries and remoulade sauce

Sole à la meunière with romaine lettuce, fresh fries and a fresh homemade remoulade sauce. [...]

Pan seared halibut fillet with beurre blanc

Halibut is a flatfish that can grow to an enormous size, specimens of 3 meters [...]

Mackerel salad with a honey and mustard dressing

This mackerel salad is a main course with beans and baby potatoes. We combine the [...]

Mussels with white beer

Ask a Belgian how he prefers to eat his mussels and he will say “cooked [...]