Grilled prime rib with roasted padron peppers and a creamy pepper sauce

In this recipe we prepare the prime rib on the barbecue. We serve the meat [...]

Slow cooked lamb neck served as a pita

Neck of lamb is an extremely tender piece of meat that, as the name suggests, [...]

Grilled chateaubriand with tomato and Mexican tomato salsa

The chateaubriand is the thick middle part of the tenderloin or beef tenderloin. If you [...]

Grilled sirloin steak with puffed garlic butter and sweet potato with creme fraiche

The French entrecôte naturally sounds a lot nicer than sirloin steak. Characteristic of this steak [...]

Grilled tomahawk with béarnaise sauce and little gem

Of all steaks, the tomahawk appeals the most to the imagination. This is certainly due [...]

Grilled pork tenderloin satay

Sometimes you don’t have the time or you just don’t feel like cooking something difficult, [...]

Grilled oriental marinated pork belly

If you’re thinking of a summer barbecue, you’re probably thinking about pork belly. But there [...]

Ibérico Rib Fingers from the BBQ

Ibérico rib fingers can be eaten as a pre-snack/ appetizer, snack at parties or simply [...]

Veal ribs with a coffee barbecue sauce

A good alternative to pork spare ribs are veal spare ribs. In general, veal ribs [...]

Flat Iron Steak with Romesco sauce

The Flat Iron Steak is a very tasty piece of meat. It’s tender and well-marbled. [...]