Oven baked spare ribs with barbecue sauce

Spare ribs or baby back ribs. These are just a few names for the popular [...]

Baked pork tenderloin with a creamy sauce of mushrooms and red wine

A deliciously tender piece of pork tenderloin. First, we brown the pork tenderloin in the [...]

Fried pork chop with a gravy of mustard and apple syrup

The words cutlet and pork chop are popularly almost always used interchangeably. But if you [...]

Pizza prosciutto with arugula and pesto

When we make pizza at home, it often is this pizza prosciutto. You can choose [...]

Grilled pork tenderloin satay

Sometimes you don’t have the time or you just don’t feel like cooking something difficult, [...]

Tonkatsu (Japanese schnitzel) with white cabbage

The Germans are known for it, but the Japanese can do it too! In fact, [...]

Grilled oriental marinated pork belly

If you’re thinking of a summer barbecue, you’re probably thinking about pork belly. But there [...]

Ibérico Rib Fingers from the BBQ

Ibérico rib fingers can be eaten as a pre-snack/ appetizer, snack at parties or simply [...]

Pulled Pork Bulgogi (Korean Style)

What a taste sensation is this pulled pork! The smoky taste of the barbecue along [...]

Slow cooked (BBQ) pork belly in oriental marinade

Pork belly is the part of the pig from which the bacon slices are cut. [...]