Pan-seared scallops with mango chutney

Scallops are the meat of the Mediterranean scallop Pecten jacobaeus. “Coquille” is French for shell [...]

Tostada with tuna, jalapeño, avocado & chipotle mayonnaise

You can go in many different directions with a tostada or taco. You can fill [...]

Flammkuchen with smoked salmon

Although it may seem like it, in Austria or Germany you don’t have to call [...]

Tuna tartare with wasabi mayonnaise

We all know the steak tartare. It is usually made from bavette or tenderloin. We [...]

Beet Carpaccio with Goat Cheese, Walnuts & Honey

Are you looking for a fresh side dish or a fresh salad? We recently made [...]

Grilled scallops

Although most pearls are actually found in the shell of an oyster, the scallop contains [...]