Pan-Fried Hake Fillet with Braised leek, Samphire and Fondant Potatoes

Hake is a distant relative of cod and therefore an affordable alternative to the increasingly [...]

Lamb Chop with Honey-thyme Sauce and Ratatouille

In this recipe we cook the lamb chop in the oven. We serve it with [...]

Poached Skate Wing with a spicy Beurre Blanc, Stewed Spinach and Pommes Soufflées

Where we use fillets for almost every type of fish, it’s completely different with skate. [...]

Roast Beef with Stroganoff Sauce

Although we often encounter it as thinly sliced meats, roast beef is originally a warm [...]

Oven-roasted picanha with cowboy butter and green asparagus

Picanha has become a hugely popular steak due to the popularity of barbecuing in recent [...]

Oven roast leg of lamb

The leg of lamb comes from the hind legs of the lamb and can be [...]

Beef Wellington with tenderloin

Beef Wellington is a classic Christmas recipe. But does it have to be Christmas to [...]

Marinated bavette with miso, ginger and garlic

This time we’re going to do something different with bavette. Although the meat is already [...]

Tenderloin with Provencal herbs and béarnaise sauce

Long live France! This time we are going on the French tour. We’re doing this [...]

Rolled stuffed bavette (carpaccio style)

We already made rolled bavette with chimichurri, and now it’s time for a rolled bavette [...]