Pickled cumcumbers

These sweet and sour cucumbers add a summery touch to your dish. You can add them to salads, rice dishes or just eat them as a snack. For example, we added them to bao buns with marinated chicken along with pickled red onion.

Additives to the pickled cucumbers

On this page you find a basic recipe. It is definitely possible as well to add ingredients to the pickled cucumbers. For example, you can add sliced spring onion. For an extra spicy touch, you can add finely chopped red peppers or jalapeños as well. It’s fun to experiment with this recipe.

Natural vinegar is always used in the base, but you could also replace that with, for example, apple cider or rice wine. If you are going to make sweet and sour cucumbers for the first time, it is fine to start with natural vinegar.

Make sweet and sour cucumbers fast

It’s very easy to quickly make sweet and sour cucumbers. Herefor you make a basic brine of water, vinegar, sugar and some salt and pepper. You can add additional ingredients yourself.

Heat the brine in a saucepan until it almost starts to boil and the sugars and salt have dissolved. Then pour the mixture into a sealable jar with the thinly sliced cucumber. You close the jar and let it cool to room temperature. You can speed up this process by putting the jar in the refrigerator.

Although the flavour develops even further the longer you leave it in the jar, you can basically eat the cucumbers already after half an hour.

How long can you store pickled cucumbers?

You can store the sweet and sour cucumbers in the fridge for about a week. The longer you keep them, the less bite they will have.

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Zelf zoetzure komkommers maken

Snelle zoetzure komkommers voor een heerlijk fris zuurtje bij je gerechten.
Cooking time5 minutes
Author: Cultiviz


  • 250 ml water
  • 250 ml natuurazijn
  • 1 el honing
  • 1 teentje knoflook in de lengte doormidden gesneden en gekneusd
  • 1 komkommer in dunne plakken gesneden
  • zout
  • peper


  • Doe het water, natuurazijn, honing en knoflook in een steelpannetje. Voeg naar smaak zout en peper toe. Verwarm het geheel op middelhoog vuur tot het bijna kookt.
  • Doe ondertussen de komkommer in een afsluitbare pot en giet de vloeistof erbij. Doe de pot dicht en laat afkoelen tot kamertemperatuur (ongeveer 30 minuten). Of zet de pot in de koelkast.

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