Make your own limoncello? This is how you do it

Getting a bottle of limoncello? You won’t do that again as soon as you’ve discovered how easy but especially delicious homemade limoncello is.

Limoncello contains only four ingredients: lemons, alcohol (95%), water and sugar.

Precisely because there are only 4 ingredients in limoncello, the quality of these ingredients is very important. One of the ingredients therefore deserves some extra attention, namely the lemons.

Sorrento citroenen
Sorrento lemons

Because we only use the peel of the lemon to make limoncello, it is important that this peel can release a lot of aroma. One of the lemons that is extremely suitable for this is the Sorrento lemon. Sorrento is the lemon capital of Italy. The soil in which the lemon trees grow, together with the fresh wind that blows inland from the sea, ensures a zest that is rich in flavour.

If you want to make limoncello yourself, make sure you get hold of the Sorrento lemons. If you really can’t find them anywhere, you can possibly switch to organic lemons.

Pure alcohol
Pure alcohol

Besides the lemons, alcohol is an important ingredient. Drinking alcohol with a percentage of 95% is available at the finest liquor store or catering wholesaler. You will need this to make limoncello.

Geen beoordelingen

Make your own limoncello

Limoncello, made from lemons, alcohol 95%, water and sugar.
Author: Cultiviz


  • 1 litre alcohol 95%
  • 5 lemon Sorrento
  • 1.3 litres water
  • 750 gr sugar


  • Rinse the lemons well with water.
  • Peel the zest from the lemons with a vegetable peeler. Note: you only need the yellow part of the peel. So avoid using the white part. This causes a bitter taste.
  • Pour the alcohol with the peels in a sealable jar. A preserving jar is ideal for this recipe.
  • Leave the alcohol with peels in a cool dark place for about 5 weeks. This gives the alcohol the opportunity to absorb the aroma of the peels.
  • Heat about 1.3 litres of water in a large pan. Then add the sugar. Make sure the sugar is dissolved in the water. The water does not have to boil.
  • After all the sugar has been dissolved, let the water cool completely.
  • Add the alcohol to the sugar water. Tip: Use a colander to collect the lemon peels.
  • Use a sieve to filter the limoncello and fill sterilised sealable bottles
  • Put the filled bottles in a cool dark place for about 1 week before putting them in the freezer.
  • Enjoy!!

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