Rack of lamb: What is it? And how do you cook it?

Rack of lamb has a particularly intense flavor. You immediately taste the difference between this piece of meat and beef or pork. It combines well and is easy to cook.

But where exactly does it come from? And what is the best way to cook it? Below we answer these questions and share a delicious rack of lamb recipe.

Chapter 1

What is a rack of lamb?


The rack of lamb is a beautiful piece of lamb that is cut from the front part of the back of a lamb. The piece is called rack of lamb because of the shape where the protruding ribs stand out. It is a relatively lean piece of meat with a fine structure. This makes it a very tender piece of meat.

Spring is traditionally the time to eat lamb. This has to do with the age of the lamb. The lamb must not be older than one year, otherwise it is called mutton. The age of the lamb also contributes to the particularly mild taste of the meat.

Chapter 2

What should you pay attention to when buying a rack of lamb?


Rack of lamb is available at most butchers and online meat merchants. In your search for a good piece you will undoubtedly come across the following terms:

  • Frenched Rack
  • New Zealand lamb

Frenched Rack
Frenched rack is a rack of lamb that has already been cleaned. With a frenched rack, the excess fat has been trimmed away and the bones have been freed from meat. This is not necessary for the preparation. However, it does ensure that, if you marinate the meat, the spices penetrate the meat better.

In addition, excess fat is not conducive to the mouthfeel. Fat is a carrier of flavor so make sure you always leave a little fat.

New Zealand lamb
You will also undoubtedly come across the term New Zealand lamb in your search for a nice piece. New Zealand lamb is characterized by a more pronounced taste. Dutch lamb has a somewhat softer taste.

Which one to choose? That mainly depends on your personal preference. We think New Zealand rack of lamb seasoned with herbs such as thyme, sage, rosemary and garlic is a winning combination. Especially if you want to cook it on the barbecue.

Chapter 3

How to cook a rack of lamb?


Rack of lamb has various cooking methods. Before you start cooking the rack of lamb, you will first have to prepare the meat. In many cases, the meat will still contain a membrane, which is located on the top of the meat.

The membrane is easy to remove with a sharp knife. Be careful not to cut away too much meat. Just like with spare ribs, there is also a membrane over the bones at the back of the meat. This membrane is easily removed by inserting the handle of a teaspoon between the flesh and the membrane and pulling the membrane upwards.

Now that the membrane is loosening up, you can use a piece of paper towel in between your fingers to pull the remaining membrane from the meat and bone. The kitchen roll provides a little more grip on the fleece, making it easier to remove.

Marinating it
Rack of lamb is ideal for marinating. The marinade below combines very nicely with a rack of lamb and immediately creates a nice herb crust.

Cooking it on the barbecue
Rack of lamb and barbecue is like yin and yang. Below you can read how to cook the perfect rack of lamb on the BBQ. First of all, we are going to give the meat a nice color and ensure a crispy crust.

Chapter 5

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